Daylight Student Profile: Grace

Grace first came to Daylight after she was discovered out in the bush by Michael and one of the board members, Lauren. Grace had a very bad ear infection causing her outer ear to be very swollen, and in need of medical treatment soon. She would not have access to the care she needed in Allale, so Michael asked Grace’s guardian (her stepfather) if she could come with him to get treatment in Kitale, and some education. He agreed, and Grace was brought to Daylight. While she is of middle school age, her only schooling has been at Daylight, and she is in 1st grade there.

Grace’s background:Her stepfather is her guardian because her father was killed by a rival tribe during a cattle raid. Her mother later got remarried, and had more children with Grace’s stepfather. Unfortunately, her mother got sick (we don’t know exactly what with), and died quickly. At the point when Grace came to Daylight, she was helping to raise her younger sisters.

Her medical treatment went well, and her ear is now back to normal. She lived with Michael’s family while attending school at Daylight until last December. At that point school took a break for the holidays, and Grace went back to visit her family. Normally, students return in January when the break is over to continue the rest of the school year. However, Grace’s guardian, her stepfather, decided Grace should not return, and instead stay in Allale.

His reasoning was that he needed additional help with his daughters, and also that Grace was now of age that an arranged marriage could begin to be discussed, and more cows would help the family out immensely. Unfortunately, as Grace’s guardian, he had the final word.
We are very excited to have Grace back at Daylight now to continue her education. She has not yet been married, and we hope that she will be able to stay for awhile. At the very least, she will be here for a month until school breaks for the holidays. She is again staying with Michael’s family, and seems very excited to see all of them again. She already has a Daylight uniform back on, and is excited to start classes– she claims all of them are her favorite, but maybe English especially.


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