Daylight Student Profile: Pembe

Pembe came to Daylight last December, when Michael and several board members made a trip out to Allale. There they were approached by a woman with a small child on her hip, saying that she had heard that they had a school for children who needed it. The child on her hip was Pembe, and she wanted them to take him to Daylight to receive an education.

Pembe could not handle the nomadic tribal lifestyle, because he had been injured trying to escape from a cattle raid on his village, and lost his foot. He couldn’t handle walking long distances to look after the cows, and instead, his mother carried him everywhere. He would not do well in this setting as he got older, and his mother recognized this. So, Pembe came to Daylight, and now lives with Michael’s family.


He was terrified of the board members when he first met them, but is learning to adjust to white people. He did need to check with Michael’s wife, Angelina, when the large group of mzungus came last week– he was pretty sure that Nathan, myself, and the Rochester group were there to eat them. However, now that there are fewer of us he has warmed up to me, and even offered me a few smiles.

He is doing well at Daylight, and enjoying first grade. His favorite subject is math, and his favorite activity is playing soccer. In terms of chores, he loves to look after the cows that live at Daylight. He can be very serious, but his smile lights up the room, and we are very excited to have him here, and doing so well!

If you have questions about Pembe, or any of the other Daylight kids, let me know, or check out the Daylight website.

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