A Few Reflections from a Coffee Shop in Nairobi Before I Go…

So, I am sitting in a Nairobi coffee shop with Nathan, Peter, and Michael, killing a few hours before we go to the airport. We have been doing a little bit of reflecting on the past few weeks. It seems like a lot has happened, but that’s because it has.

We have been so busy traveling, meeting people, seeing the sites, and trying to connect with what life is like here. While there are some universals, there are also many differences. I’m thrilled that I had the opportunity to be here, and I feel like I gave it my all– coming home with a cold and sleep deprived I feel is a sign of how hard I worked to connect to everyone here.

Everyone here has been so welcoming (though shy at first), excited to share their stories, and to hear about my life as well. They have asked me to send their greetings to all of my family and friends, and let all of you know that they would love to have you come and visit!

If you ever want to see Daylight, Michael and his wife Angelina would be more than happy to host you in the guesthouse on site at Daylight. I will continue to post more updates (and student profiles) for a week or so after I get home. Some things simply need a little time to reflect on before I feel like I can do them justice.

If you want updates on what is happening at Daylight, please consider joining our email list for one minute updates (they are never more than two paragraphs long– we take the one minute label seriously– they shouldn’t take more than a minute to read).

Thank you for reading along with my blog of my trip– please consider continuing to read, as I will continue to post for the next couple of weeks. I hope you have enjoyed reading almost as much as I have enjoyed posting!



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